Performing at the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival® & Shindig on the Green®

Due to their popularity, Shindig on the Green and Mountain Dance and Folk Festival have in the past received a vast volume of unsolicited media kits and recordings from artists and agents. The Folk Heritage Committee lacks the staff to respond to these materials and encourages you to save your postage and not send these materials. Shindig and Festival artists originate primarily from the local region and most artists are introduced to event organizers through their participation in Shindig on the Green.

In keeping with the objective to preserve and showcase our wonderful Southern Appalachian heritage, the Folk Heritage Committee desires that the type of music, dance and storytelling presented at the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival and Shindig on the Green be a true representation of this heritage.

The Mountain Dance and Folk Festival programming committee primarily considers traditional musicians and dancers that have supported us at Shindig and fundraisers. Programming meetings usually take place in February and March. Performers are invited to participate by the end of April. There is no application for performance. If you are a traditional performer or group, and wish to be considered, send an introduction letter and a CD, an audio or video tape to the address below.

The Shindig on the Green stage performance begins each week at 7:00 p.m. and usually lasts until 10:00 pm. Members of a volunteer stage crew choose from bands and performers playing each night amongst the “jammers”. Each band plays two selections, which allows enough time for about 12-14 different bands each Shindig. Along with the music, traditional clog and smooth dancing teams perform each Saturday for your enjoyment. To be considered for a stage slot, bands and musicians are encouraged to arrive around 6:00 p.m., when the informal jamming begins. Dance performances are scheduled in advance.

The Folk Heritage Committee is grateful for the generosity of all Shindig on the Green and Mountain Dance and Folk Festival performers.

For more information or send materials to:

Folk Heritage Committee
PO Box 1010